Let’s examine this topic, who or what will Put an End to bitcoin?

In China and South Korea, even banal rumors about the possible prohibition of Bitcoin were immediately reflected on its exchange rate. But even at the times of general public fear, Bitcoin continued and continues to exist.

Because of the fight against money laundering, various governments constantly increase their pressure on cryptocurrencies. Authorities dictate their own rules and require that exchanges and wallets share their users’ personal data under the guise of KYC and AML rules. It is possible that tax authorities will soon become interested in data of Bitcoin traders, as it already happened with Coinbase. It is necessary to take into account the fact that, one way or another, anonymous trade takes place anyway.

Network attacks can also be carried out by intelligence agencies, such as NSA. They can force operating system and CPU vendors to introduce special exploits in their products. It has long been known that most of the major companies in Silicon Valley cooperate closely with intelligence agencies. These include all major IT-giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

Some security experts say that in 10 years quantum computing will be able to decipher Bitcoin crypto system. But even if this becomes possible, Bitcoin will most likely immediately switch to an attack-resistant algorithm.

When Venezuela introduced its cryptocurrency Petro, it did not become so popular. All because the state did not have the resources to develop it. If a more developed and powerful country follows the same path, creates its own cryptocurrency, and in every possible way engages in its promotion, then, most likely bitcoin may be less in value or probably the end of bitcoin.

So tell us,

What do you think will be the End of Bitcoin?


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